Street Light Poles – Street Lighting Poles

Street Light Poles – Street Lighting Poles

Designed to provide optimal lighting solutions for streets and roads Coslee’s ranges of expertly produced street light poles bring safety and security back to roadways and footpaths. At a height of up to 12 metres, and with a maximum outreach of 4.5 metres, our street lighting poles can be used in a near-limitless amount of applications including car parks, residential, commercial, and industrial neighbourhoods, shopping centres, and parklands to perfectly illuminate otherwise dark passages and walkways.

Street Light Poles

Depending on the size of our client’s streets Coslee has fabricated a number of different street light poles to suit the unique requirements of our clients. Our galvanised and tamper-proof lighting poles can be fitted with both single, double, and triple lighting arrangements depending on the needs of our clients. No matter how much illumination is needed by our clients. Thanks to our years of experience fabricating and designing exceptional, long-lasting street lighting poles you can trust the team at Coslee to light up the night.

Street Lighting Poles

At Coslee we know the importance of providing a reliable, durable, and fully-functioning street lighting poles to our clients. Thanks to our passion for providing poles that require minimal repair and maintenance you can be sure that our lighting poles will deliver uninterrupted lighting for countless operational hours for the safety and security of our clients and their interests. To discover more about our superior street lighting poles please feel free to contact the team at Coslee today!

To learn more about the benefits of our exceptional banner poles Melbourne customers can call us on +61 3 9357 2311.


  • Residential subdivisions
  • Commercial subdivisions
  • Industrial subdivisions
  • Major and minor roadway lighting
  • Car park lighting
  • Shopping centres
  • Pathways

Design Option & Accessories

  • The street lighting pole range is standard base  plate mounted, however in-ground mounted can be designed
  • The street lighting pole is available in tapered round or tapered octagonal
  • All poles are hot dip galvanized to AS/NZS 4680:2006, and can be powder coated or painted.
  • The street lighting pole range is available in a single, double and triple outreach arm arrangement.
  • Security or tamper proof screws for access door covers.
  • The product data sheet represents the standard range, but other heights and section sizes can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.

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The Coslee range of steel poles will suit any application, we can manufacture to your required needs.

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