Sub Arc Welding

Sub Arc Welding

A common form of welding widely used in many industries sub arc welding is a highly effective method of seamlessly and permanently joining two metals. Thanks to our skills, abilities, and extensive training our team of welders can expertly use innovative techniques to complete your project’s requirements. From customising existing structures and machinery to creating new items for immediate use you can rely on our understanding and application of welding methods to deliver complete and superior results. At Coslee we have spent years utilising the benefits of sub arc welding when fabricating our own street poles and our client’s custom products.

Protecting operators from harmful UV light and flashes sub arc welding has a number of benefits available to both welders and clients. The methodical and controlled process behind the weld ensures a complete and gapless seal between the two separate metals. To learn more about the specific benefits of sub arc welding and how the team at Coslee utilise it feel free to contact us today.


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