Banner Poles Melbourne

Banner Poles

Strolling down a city street, it’s hard to miss the sight of colourful banners dancing gracefully to the rhythm of the wind. Each of these banners tells a story, but have you ever wondered about their silent supporter? It’s the sturdy pole holding them high. At Coslee, we’re in the business of crafting these strong foundations. 
We believe banner poles aren’t just about metal and design; they carry messages, memories, and moments. Our poles don’t just hold banners; they uphold tales of communities, businesses, and events. With every pole we create, we’re not just offering support but weaving a story with you.

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Are you in need of poles strong enough to display decorative banners and withstand high winds? Thanks to our years of experience fabricating and building specialised poles to perform unique tasks the team at Coslee are you best option for durable and customisable banner poles.

Why Choose Banner Poles by Coslee?

Have you ever been to a bustling event, looked up, and admired a banner showcasing something special? The foundation of these banners, the unsung heroes, are the poles they hang from. Coslee’s banner poles are your ultimate choice regarding reliability and style. They possess the strength to face the winds, are tailored to your needs, and proudly represent a touch of Melbourne. Local businesses and events trust our banner poles to be the spotlight of their shows. 

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Where Can You Use Our Poles?

Almost everywhere! Our banner poles are versatile and perfect for various venues and events. They beautifully complement exhibition centres by making every showcase memorable. At sporting centres, they cheer for your favourite team. At the same time, in parklands, they add a splash of information amidst the lush greenery. Universities can showcase their pride, and shopping centres can guide shoppers to the best deals. Every showground event gets the recognition it deserves, and the city streets light up with promotions and events.

Design Meets Durability

Our banner poles are not just pieces of metal; they’re art built to last. You can choose from styles ranging from tapered round to octagonal designs. They’re built to the highest standards, each pole being hot-dip galvanised and meeting the AS/NZA 4680:2006 regulations. If you want to match a particular aesthetic, the poles can be powder-coated or painted per your preference. For added security, all our poles are equipped with tamper-proof screws. And if you want your banners to shine all the time, opt for poles with single or double lighting arrangements.

Ready to Elevate Your Banners?

When you’ve got something special to show the world, you need the best to hold it high. With Coslee’s banner poles, you’re not just getting a product but a promise. The flexibility in mounting ensures that you can choose between a standard base plate or an in-ground mount. Your preferences matter to us, so all designs can be customised to meet your needs. You can download our detailed catalogue to delve deeper into what we offer. And we’re just a call away if there’s any doubt or query. Reach out to us at +61 3 9357 2311.

To learn more about the benefits of our exceptional banner poles Melbourne download the catalogue or call us on +61 3 9357 2311.


  • Exhibition centres
  • Sporting centres
  • Park lands
  • Pathway lighting
  • Universities
  • Shopping centres
  • Show grounds
  • City streets

Design Option & Accessories

  • The banner pole range is standard base plate mounted,
    however in-ground mounted can be designed.
  • All poles are hot dip galvanized to AS/NZS 4680:2006, and can be powder coated or painted.
  • The banner pole range is available in a single or double arrangement, with or without lighting.
  • Security or tamper proof screws for access door covers.
  • All heights and section sizes can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.