Circular Pipe Poles

Outdoor Light Pole

When dusk sets in, and natural light dims, you need a reliable source to illuminate your surroundings. Just imagine the streets, parks, or campuses bathed in a consistent glow, guiding every step you take. That’s the magic of an Outdoor Light Pole, and nobody does it better than Coslee.

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The circular pipe light pole is generally intended for one post top light fixture and lends itself to a classic and sophisticated design style. Architectural luminaires tend to have added flair to complement a typically slim and elegant round mast silhouette.

Pipe Pole

Stepping out of the traditional, our Pipe Pole is much more than a mere structure. It’s an embodiment of a blend between classic sophistication and functional brilliance. Designed to hold a single top light fixture, it’s the unsung hero behind those luminous architectural wonders that stand tall, lighting up our nights. 

Read More Our Pipe Pole showcases a sleek and refined round mast silhouette and an artistic flair that complements its elegance. Starting from a humble 2 metres, this beauty can stretch up to a standard height of 6.5 metres. But that’s not all. If your project requires a bespoke touch, we’re ready to tailor-make the pole’s height just for you.

Where to Experience Our Glow?

Our Outdoor Light Pole aren’t just confined to a single place. They’re versatile and can be found illuminating:
  • Car parking areas, ensuring safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike 
  • Shopping centres, add a touch of brilliance to retail therapy 
  • Universities, guide scholars even after the sun sets 
  • Pathways, ensuring every step taken is in clear light 
  • Parks, making evening strolls peaceful and safe 
  • Schoolyards, letting the spirit of youth shine even in the dark 
  • Small sporting facilities like tennis and netball courts, because games need not stop with sunset 

Design Flexibility and Enhanced Features

Coslee believes in offering you options. The standard Pipe Pole has a base plate mount. Still, an in-ground design is readily available if your space demands something different. The resilience of our poles is backed by hot dip galvanisation, compliant with AS/NZS 4680:2006 standards. And if you’re all about aesthetics, we’ve got you covered. Our poles can be powder-coated or painted, mirroring the theme of your space. Further enhancing our Pipe Pole are:
  • Luminaire cross-arms, adaptors, and headframes 
  • Security-focused, tamper-proof screws for access doors, ensuring your pole stays protected 
  • A product data sheet offering a glimpse of our standard range, but remember, we can always customise to your unique requirements. 

Let’s Illuminate Together

Got questions? Want to know how our Outdoor Light Pole can elevate your space’s aesthetics while ensuring functional brilliance? Dive deep into the world of outdoor lighting with Coslee. Residents of Melbourne and beyond, you’re just a call away from lighting solutions that truly shine. Reach out to us at +61 3 9357 2311, and let’s bring light to your dreams.

To learn more about the benefits of our exceptional banner poles Melbourne customers can call us on +61 3 9357 2311.


  • Car parking lighting
  • Shopping centres
  • Universities
  • Pathway lighting
  • Park lands
  • School yards
  • Small sporting facilities such as tennis and netball courts

Design Option & Accessories

  • The circular pipe lightpole range is standard base plate mounted, however in-ground mounted can be designed.
  • All poles are hot dip galvanized to AS/NZS 4680:2006, and can be powder coated or painted.
  • All pole accessories such as luminaire crossarms, adaptors and headframes are available.
  • Security or tamper proof screws for access door covers.
  • The product data sheet represents the standard range, but other heights and section sizes can be custom designed to meet specific  requirements.