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Camera Pole

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to see everything from high up, like a bird? Welcome to Coslee! We make special poles to help your cameras see everything clearly from above. With our CCTV Camera Poles, we make sure you can watch over your place easily and safely. 

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Available in heights of up to 15 metres for optimal surveillance our camera poles are designed to deliver stable and uninterrupted video recording. By applying an innovative 16-sided tapered pole to increase shaft stability and provide clear and accurate vision. Perfect for perimeter surveillance at security sensitive installations such as parking facilities, prisons, airports, and freeways our camera poles are made for your needs.

Security Camera Poles- Why Choose Coslee?

At Coslee, we care about keeping places safe and making our customers happy: 

  • Made Just For You: We know different places need different things. So, our Camera Poles can be changed to have extra items like bright lights or special cameras, whatever you need. 
  • Strong and Safe: We use tough materials to make our poles. This means they last a long time and won’t easily break or get damaged. 
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See Everything, Miss Nothing

Imagine having a tall friend who can see over big crowds:
  • See Far and Wide: Our poles are up to 15 metres tall. They help cameras record videos without shaking and ensure you can see everything.
  • Smart Shape: Our poles have a unique design with 16 sides. This makes them stand strong and lets cameras see clearer. They’re great for important places like car parks, jails, airports, and big roads.

Poles That Make Life Easier

Our poles aren’t just tall and strong:
  • Stay Safe from Thieves: Our CCTV Camera Poles let cameras see a lot while also being very strong. This means people can’t easily mess with them or break them.

  • The Bendy Pole: Sometimes, cameras need fixing. But they are way up high, right? Our poles have a special trick. They have a hinge in the middle, like a door or a see-saw. This lets you tilt the pole down so you can reach the camera without climbing too high.

Where Can You Use Our Security Camera Poles?

Our Security Camera Poles are adabtable and perfect for various places. Whether you’re keeping an eye on freeway traffic, watching over a parking lot, guarding the boundaries of a facility, observing prison yards, or ensuring safety at airports, these poles are your top choice for reliable surveillance.

Built Strong and Flexible for Every Need

Our CCTV Camera Poles are smartly designed to suit various needs. Prefer a 16-sided pole? We’ve got it! But if you like a round tapered design, we can make that too. Each pole is firmly mounted on a base plate and undergoes a hot dip galvanising process, ensuring it stands strong against the elements. Need to attach a specific camera? 

Our poles are compatible with different camera adaptors. We also offer security screws to keep everything tamper-proof. And if you’re dealing with taller poles, our slip joint assembly ensures they stay sturdy and upright. Whatever your requirements, we’ve thought of them and have a solution ready!

Got Questions? We’re Here to Help

Thinking about how our Security Camera Poles can make watching over your place better?
  • Easy Fixes: No more scary climbs on tall ladders to fix cameras. Our bendy pole design makes it simple.

  • Perfect for Many Places: From where you park your car to big airports, our poles are just right for many different places. They help you watch over everything and feel safe.

  • Looking to boost your security? Want to see everything clearly from above? Come explore Coslee’s Camera Poles. Reach out to us today and find out how we can improve your security.

To learn more about the benefits of our exceptional banner poles Melbourne download the catalogue or call us on +61 3 9357 2311.


  • Freeway traffic monitoring
  • Parking lot surveillance
  • Facility perimeter security and lighting
  • Prison yard observations
  • Airports

Design Option & Accessories

  • Ideally designed as a 16-sided pole, however  round tapered can be manufactured.
  • The Camera pole range is base plate mounted.
  • All poles are hot dip galvanized to AS/NZS 4680:2006, and can be powder coated or painted.
  • Camera adaptors are available.
  • Security or tamper proof screws for access door covers.
  • Square section poles of mounting height up to 5 metres, can be used as camera poles
  • The product data sheet represents the standard range, but other heights, section sizes and  deflection criteria can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.
  • Fixed camera poles require slip joint assembly for poles over 11 metres in height.
  • Slip joint assembly required for all mid hinge poles.