Sports Lighting Australia

Sports Lighting Pole

In sports, good lighting is as important as the game itself. With Sports Lighting Australia by Coslee, you will surely have the best light. Our Sports Lighting Pole is special. It makes sure every game or event is well-lit. So, no more worries about playing or watching in dim light. Every kick, catch, and cheer can be seen clearly. Think of it as a big torch for big games, making them even more enjoyable. Choose Coslee’s lighting, and let the games shine bright!

Highly Expertised and Well-Experienced

Coslee is a proudly Australian-owned business. With a history of over 55 years in the industry, we are dedicated to providing unmatched quality and excellence in every product. Regarding turn-key projects, think no further; we are the masters of the business. 

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Sports Lighting Australia

Outdoor events require precise lighting, be it an exciting cricket match or a concert. Depending on the nature of the sport, the sports lighting can vary. While a quiet game of golf may need around 200 lux, high-speed sports like squash or table tennis might need up to 300 lux. And when it’s competition time? Crank it up to a dazzling 500 to 750 lux! It’s not just about brightness but about creating the perfect ambience:
  • Ambient lighting: Sets the overall light in a venue. 
  • Task lighting: For specific tasks like reading scoreboards. 
  • Accent lighting: Highlights areas or objects. 
  • Decorative lighting: For aesthetics and atmosphere
By emphasising enhanced light quality at sports facilities, we aim for two things: ensuring public safety and reducing our environmental footprint.

Floodlights: The Game-Changer

Imagine watching a cricket match, where every shot, every run is under the spotlight. Floodlights, with their broad-beamed and high-intensity features, make this possible. Powerful enough to light up an entire stadium, they come in varying intensities ranging from 400 to 1500 watts.
Whether for the players on the field or the spectators in the stands, floodlights ensure a well-lit and enjoyable experience. We always recommend the Daylight (5,000K+) colour temperature for outdoor events for a natural feel. At the same time, indoor settings can benefit from the warm glow of Natural (4,000K) or Warm (3,000K) settings.

The Future is LED

The modern world demands sustainable solutions. Enter LED lights: a revolution in sports lighting. LEDs are the energy efficiency kings, using up to 75% less electricity than conventional metal halide lights. They might be pricier at the outset, but their longevity and low maintenance needs ensure they’re a wise investment for the long haul. At Coslee, our Sports Lighting Pole isn’t just a product; it promises quality, efficiency, and an unbeatable experience. Ready to light up your game? Reach out to us today.

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