Tennis Court Lighting Pole

Tennis Court Lighting Pole

Watching a Tennis game at night is a magical experience. It’s great to feel the cool breeze, and hearing the soft echo of the ball bouncing under the lights is an experience many enjoy. Whether you’re having a fun match with buddies or watching a grand televised championship, the importance of proper Tennis Court Lighting cannot be overstated. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about creating an ambience and ensuring every player’s safety. 

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Enter Coslee, your trusted partner, in this lighting journey. Our top-quality Tennis Court Lighting Pole promises to light up every serve, rally, and match point, ensuring your game shines in the best light possible.

Perfect Tennis Lighting Matters

Every tennis player knows the importance of seeing the ball. Proper tennis court lighting ensures players can correctly judge the ball’s speed and direction. To reduce glare and keep lighting uniform, asymmetric beam floodlighting is very important. According to the Australian Standards for Outdoor Tennis Lighting AS2560. 2.1, a game should ideally have a lighting level of at least 250 lux. For casual games, a minimum of 200 lux does the trick. But big events that attract cameras need to shine brighter, reaching up to 500 lux. 

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The Correct Pole for Every Game

Most tennis courts sport tennis court light poles standing tall at 6 to 8 meters. But why this specific height? It’s all about ensuring the light spreads evenly. By positioning lamps 6 metres high on both sides of the net, players experience consistent lighting. Factors like the surroundings and type of game can lead to slight differences in height.

The Magic of LED Tennis Court Lighting

Technology has brought game-changers in many fields, and tennis court lighting is no exception. LED lighting is the champion here. With the leaps in LED technology over the past decade, these lights offer players bright and consistent lighting. This ensures that every shot, serve, and volley happens with perfect visibility.

Creating the Perfect Tennis Lighting

Setting up the lights isn’t a random process. It starts with understanding the court’s purpose. A community tennis court for weekend games has different needs from a professional court hosting national championships. High-stake games, especially those drawing crowds and TV cameras, need superior lighting. Factors that vary based on the level of play include:
  • Brightness Level: Correct requirement of light. 
  • Number of Poles: Determines the spread of light. 
  • Light Pole Height: Ensures optimal space. 
  • Uniformity: Keeps lighting consistent across the court. 
  • Glare: Minimises distractions for players. 
  • Light Temperature: The warmth or coolness of light. 
  • Colour Rendering Index: True-to-life, the colours appear under the light. 

Coslee’s Commitment to Quality

With decades of dedication to perfecting the correct lighting pole, Coslee stands tall (much like our poles!). Our experience in creating custom steel poles means we know what works and what doesn’t. Designed to withstand Australia’s unique conditions, our tennis court light poles are built to last.  Whether it’s about size, height, or specific requirements, we have a pole for every need. And it’s not just about tennis. Our versatile steel poles find use across various applications, proving their mettle every time. For a game of tennis that’s perfectly lit and memories that shine bright, trust in Coslee. We don’t just provide poles; we brighten up every game, serve, and match point.

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